Weekly Live Trading Sessions

Join Henry Ward and his community of traders 3x a week for live trading webinars talking about the latest updates in the markets, to answer any questions and to learn with the community of traders who are creating their journey to financial freedom.

Henry runs Live Trading Sessions every Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday. Delving deep into the world of live markets, he uses his Irish charm to put the traders at ease so that they’re in the best headspace to not just hear the data, but learn & retain it for their own personal trading journeys.

Filled with anticipation and excitement, Henry immerses himself & the traders in the exciting yet often precarious realm of the financial markets. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for trading, he navigates an array of instruments including foreign exchange (FX), indices, and stocks.
Each session presents a unique opportunity to analyse market trends, study charts, and make calculated decisions that hold the potential for substantial gains. These trading sessions serve as a valuable platform for Henry to refine his skills, broaden his understanding, and stay informed about global economic events that impact the financial landscape.

As he actively participates in the markets, Henry draws inspiration from both the thrill of potential profits and the lessons learned from occasional setbacks. These sessions have become an integral part of his routine – guiding both him & the traders on the live sessions, towards their financial aspirations while continually challenging and shaping their trading expertise. All this with that unmistakable Irish flair, of course.

The Weekly Webianrs

Sunday at 8pm GMT

Pre-market opening

On Sunday’s Sessions Henry covers the FX & Indices markets. Delving deep into the latest market trends, key economic indicators, and geopolitical events that are shaping the financial landscape.

Wednesday at 8pm GMT

Midweek Live Trading Insights

On Wednesday’s Live Trading Sessions, Henry focuses on Stocks & Indices expanding on his strategies for identifying potential breakout stocks, key support and resistance levels, and the broader market sentiment.

Thursday at 1pm GMT

Intra-day live trading session

On Thursday’s Live Sessions Henry explores Intraday Trading. Giving insight into the fast-paced world of short-term trading strategies. He covers various intraday techniques, such as scalping, day trading, and swing trading, sharing tips on entry and exit points, risk management, and how to spot intraday opportunities in stocks, currencies, or commodities