The Traders bootcamp

The 8-week Bootcamp is an opportunity to be personally trained in a small group by market expert, Henry Ward. Each student is selected from a pool of applications to ensure the group is of a similar level to one another. We will cover advanced concepts from catching swing markets to trade management and more. After each weekly online class, students will have homework assigned to them which will be reviewed by senior market experts.

WHAT YOU will learn

I recently restarted learning how to trade and invest in Stocks and Shares and Henry and the team have been nothing but helpful and professional. He never fails to take time to explain something.

I've been learning from Henry for 2 years now and I came in as a complete beginner. After a few months of being with Henry I learnt all the basics of trading from not knowing anything previously to then gaining confidence in the markets and also making a few friends in his chatrooms. I'm happy to say 2 years later my investment portfolio is looking extremely healthy and I'm such much better off for joining his platform. Can't suggest his services more! Get signed up and you will love the team and value!!!

Henry is such a great coach. Henry has been my coach for 5 years and I am profitable and confident. I am constantly learning something new from him. Learning to trade is scary and intimidating, I had no idea how to trade but having Henry show me the way is incredible. He is an honest, trustworthy and approachable guy and he is great at what he does. I recommend Henry to everyone who is interesting in trading.

Henry is excellent in what he does. He makes everything so simple and basic to understand. He has been my mentor for a number of years now and can tell you that his simple golden rules never fail in trading. His basic concepts are drilled in my head and produce results.

Henry started me on my trading journey in 2019. As a beginner he was very patient and always happy to explain things if I didn’t get it the first time. Since Henry’s coaching I have managed to steadily grow my trading account 54%. Henry has a wealth of knowledge and experience and always willing to help and provide support.

Will the Bootcamp be Live with Henry Ward?

Yes, you will have weekly webinars every Tuesday at 8pm GMT with Henry.


They will be on-demand. This means you can watch them at your leisure if you miss the live session.


Is investing in yourself worth it? Because this is essentially what you’re doing. Only you can answer that question.

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