Top 5 Books for Traders

Trading is more than what you see in Hollywood blockbusters and on the news. Like any skill, trading is a language that needs practice, dedication and refining. Over the years I have read dozens of books on money, trading and investments, which have helped tailor my approach to money, the markets, and risk management. In a bid to help you on your journey, here are my top five trading books:

Party at Dow Jones’ and everyone’s invited

2020 was a big year for the Dow Jones – the benchmark index saw strong runs and dips with Biden’s presidency and the pandemic causing the largest market movement. 2021 appears to be following suit.
The Dow Jones measures the performance of the 30 most-traded stocks on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. It comprises reputable blue-chip stocks and offers investors some of the best dividends with yields ranging from 1-6%.

Three slick choices – Oil-inspired stocks for your portfolio

As the world continues to navigate lockdown, the way we once consumed energy and travel has now changed. With an exit plan mapped out and millions of vaccines already distributed, how will stocks from these industries fair?

This week I look at three big hitters: ExxonMobil (XOM), General Electric (GEC) & International Airlines Group (IAG).

Stock trading for Beginners: Where to start

We have all been exposed to trading in one form or another – whether that’s through The Wolf of Wall Street or the news. What is often missing from these fleeting encounters is the bread and butter of trading – the information that makes trading possible. What are stocks? How do I trade them and where?

This guide will answer these questions and explain how to find the best broker and get the lowest stock trading commission.

A Stock, Crypto & Commodity walk into a bar…

A stock, crypto and commodity walk into a bar… Just kidding, it’s not the  21st of June yet. This week, I’m focusing on three instruments that made it into the public eye over the last few weeks, which  continue to dominate headlines…

3 Indices that could end in a Market Crash in 2021?!

This week I’m focusing on three prominent indices that could see a crash or correction this year. A crash or correction if the perfect opportunity to explore growth stocks. It is impossible to say when a crash or correction will take place but there are indications it could be on the horizon. Here I explore three in particular…